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Two main business lines:

1. Consulting for Pension Funds & Insurance companies

Asset Management internalization & (re-)structuring including teams, ways of working, systems

Defining new SAA in order to reach targeted returns whilst decreasing TER

Introducing ESG parameters in a SAA (including implementation)

Proposing private opportunities (credit based, high yield/low volatility,…)




2. Commodities Investments

Long only portfolios benchmarked on S&P GSCI® and BCOM® (12 years track record with only 1 underperforming year; average alpha 300bp since inception)

Pure Long short portfolio: target return of 11.0% with 15.0% volatility

Mixed Long short portfolio: target return 7.5% with 10.0% volatility

Active hedging of real assets, long only specific commodities (Crude Oil, Gold, …